Am I the “director of my own life”?

Life’s high pace can create our journeys by chance rather than by choice. Especially if we don’t stop now and then to think and reflect. Even at crossroads in our life such as career changes, we may be too busy to reflect and make truly thoughtful choices.

When was the last time you answered these questions for yourself?

  • What excites me? What is my passion? What do I love doing?
  • What am I good at? What is the one thing that I’m the very best at? What do I do better than anyone else?
  • Where do I see a big need for what I’m passionate about and good at? Where is the need substantial enough for me to make a big difference?

If your answers reflect where you are and what you currently do, you have found your purpose, your voice and have incredible success in life.

A wise old man once asked me if I felt that I was the “director of my own life”. My immediate thought was yes, of course. However, to reflect on this is indeed sobering. Do our own decisions guide us, or do we merely react and respond to external stimulus and input

Small everyday matters can put this into perspective. Like when my phone beeps to alert that someone sent me a message. Do I pick it up to check? Most likely, yes? And in that situation, did I merely respond to the input and stimulus of the beep, or was it a thoughtful decision to pick up my phone that I would have done regardless of sounds and vibrations alerting me?

How is the example of receiving a text message relevant? It’s a wakeup call reminding us that we are too busy to reflect even on tiny things. What then about the crucial choices in life?

Between input or stimuli and our output or action, there is time and space. This space is shrinking, especially with technology. However, we should understand that within this space is the key to happiness, purpose and becoming the director of our own life.

Ever regretted responding too quickly to a text or email that upset you? Was that because of the space between input and output?

My advice is to keep this in mind, also when making more significant choices in life. Be the one to make your choices; don’t let them be made for you.

Go back occasionally to reflect on the questions above. What am I truly passionate about? What am I good at? Where is the need substantial enough for me to make a big difference? Am I the “director of my own life”?

The key to happiness is to do what you love and love what you do. But you have to make the right choices to get there.

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