The 3 x 8 Meeting Formula: Enrich Time

Enriching time is about getting the most out of every moment.

Time is an equal commodity for all of us. The scarcer a commodity gets, the higher we value it. When someone says, “I’m killing time”, remember it’s actually the other way around.

The never-ending circles around the dial made by the hands on a wristwatch can trick us into viewing our time as infinite. A classic hourglass on the other hand, is a subtle reminder that our time runs out.

We even let calendars on phones and computers decide how our time should be allocated. You may have noticed how it automatically suggests appointments to be organized in full or half hour sections. Have you ever invited someone to a 24-minute meeting?

Give it a try. If you want to achieve something you never did, you have to do things you’ve never done. It’s surprising how effective we can be when trying to accomplish something in less time. Have you ever gone to a meeting where you got together, talked and talked, admired some interesting problems, but never felt you actually got anything done?

For your next meeting try the “3 x 8 Meeting” formula. Allocate exactly 24 minutes for the meeting and organize it in 3 parts of 8 minutes each as follows:

  1. Present and share information (8 minutes)
  2. Discuss, add value and coordinate (8 minutes)
  3. Conclude and delegate action points (8 minutes)

It can help to visualize the change we want to create. Having an 8-minute hourglass that you flip as time runs out to mark the end of each part is an excellent way to do it. If you also leave all modern “time-thief’s” like smartphones, tablets and PCs out of the room, you will get a high-impact meeting. 

People will still invite you to full-hour meetings. An additional benefit of the 3 x 8 meeting formula is leaving you six valuable minutes to reset your mind and get ready for your next appointment on time.

Time and how we spend it is the most precious value we have. Enriching time for self and others is the best gift to give and receive.

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